When the Student Is Ready the Teacher Appears

One of my teachers used to say the world is like an echo. You get back what you put out. If your message is, "I hate you!" The world sends you back the message, "I hate you!" If you're message is, "I love you!" then the world sends you back the message, "I love you!" 

We are all vibrating at different frequencies. It's why sometimes we disconnect with people. You're not vibrating on the same frequency as them. They're not really hearing you. You're not really hearing them. You're not really 'getting' each other. 

One of the things that I've noticed since teaching yoga is that the clearer I get with the signal that I'm sending out, the clearer I get with what I'm teaching, with what I'm offering as a teacher,...it's like that signal gets heard loud and clear by the people who want what I am offering. These students pick up on it and they find their way into my class. We gravitate towards a teacher that we're ready for.  When the student is ready the teacher appears. 

The teachers are always there, they're watching you, they're waiting, they're sending out their signal. When you start to vibrate on a level where you can hear it, that's when they suddenly appear to you and you think, "Whoa! Where have you been all my life?" Sometimes you realize that the teacher has been right next door to you for twenty years and you were just walking right past them. You just weren't ready for them yet. 

If you want to attract something into your life, change yourself, change the signal that you're emitting, that you're sending out and watch the world change around you, watch the people and things come into your life that you really want to attract. 

If you're attracting a lot of negative energy, look at the energy that you're putting out. If you're attracting a lot of negative people and you're wondering, "Where did these people come from?" Take a look at the energy that you're putting out there. These people are being drawn to you for a reason. 

Before I started practicing with my teacher, Sri Dharma Mittra, I started to dream about him. I'd see images of him in my dreams, practicing the postures from the 908 asanas poster. I started to see myself practicing those postures too, practicing with him. I saw him with this big smiling and welcoming face, just filled with love. I saw that image in my dreams over and over again and then it started to appear at the end of my meditation practice. I remember having this overwhelming feeling that I'm supposed to go and practice with this teacher, Dharma Mittra. 

When I met Dharma,...when I traveled to New York that first time, I remember feeling right away, "Oh, wow! This just feels right. This teacher is teaching what I'm ready to receive. I am really listening right now. I am in flow right now. That's how I ended up here. This is the next teacher for me." 

While in New York, I read Dharma's teacher's book, 'Yoga and the Yogic Powers'. In the book, Yogi Gupta, (Dharma's teacher), talks about how we find our teachers. He talks about how five hundred years ago you couldn't just walk down the street and have your choice of a number of yoga studios. There wasn't Equinox. There wasn't Yogaworks. Think about it. How did people find their yoga teacher? You couldn't google it. How have students been finding their teachers for thousands of years? Was it just an accident? 

Yogi Gupta shares his story of finding his teacher in the book. He started to dream about an ashram in the jungle. It happened over and over again. He started to have this overwhelming feeling that he needed to go there. What was really happening was that he was starting to vibrate on the same frequency as his teacher. He started to be ready for the teaching that his teacher was offering and he started to hear his teacher's signal. He became ready and his teacher suddenly appeared.