Galapagos Islands Adventure Yoga Retreat! Day 3!

Day 3 of our Galapagos Islands adventure took us to North Seymour Island.
We woke up early and I led the group through a challenging yoga class to get us ready for our day.

After class, we grabbed a quick breakfast at Semilla Verde and then took a bus to the port to board the Sea Finch.We arrived at North Seymour island and went exploring with our guide, Steve, giving us deeper insight into all of the animals we encountered.

North Seymour was home to a number of different species of birds. One of the most interesting was the blue footed booby. I think I have a couple of good pics of one or two of them. The blue footed booby has these really goofy looking eyes and bright blue feet, which makes them look like they were dipped in paint.

There were lots of Sea Lions on North Seymour island. They greeted us when we arrived and then we pretty much stumbled over them constantly while we were hiking. They seemed to be just lounging around and sleeping everywhere.

After exploring on the island, we chilled on the beach for a little while and, of course, did some yoga. The location was perfect for pictures. With the white sand, beautiful blue water and the black lava rocks in the background we got some really nice photos.

Steve announced a little later that we were headed down the beach and then inland to see if we could spot any pink flamingos. We ended up finding three of them in a lagoon that was just off of shore. Those with high powered, professional, cameras got much better shots than I did. My flamingo pics didn't really turn out. I'm still waiting to get some of the high quality photos from others. Will post when I receive them.

At the end of the day, the Sea Finch brought us back to Santa Cruz island and we headed home to Semilla Verde.

The turtles were out on the property and in the turtle pond next to the studio. Pretty amazing to come home and be greeted by several 500lb turtles wandering around cutting the grass. I don't know if that ever gets old. :)

We had a bit of free time to hang out around the property and then I led the group in a yoga nidra class so everybody could re-charge.

Another beautiful dinner together and I think I was asleep when my head hit the pillow at about 9pm.