The Journey is Om!

Yogis! The journey of yoga is the Om! First there is nothing. Heaviness. Stillness. Ignorance. Tamas. Then vibration, movement, activity, leading us into the fire. Rajas. Mmmmmmmmm. Sound. Movement. The roar of Joy! Ooooooooooooooooo! Now we're in it. Into the fire we go! Don't fight it. Don't close off. Don't contract. Surrender. Surrender into the fire! Ooooooooooooooo! Open your heart. Let it flow through you. Feel the expansion. You are in perfect balance. You are embodied consciousness. Move with skill in action. The power of the Universe is moving through you. Oooooooooooooo!!! Surrender. Let go. Go inward. Surrender into the fire. Oooommmmmmmmmmmmm! Stillness. Silence. Listen to the sound of the silence. Peace. Calm. Light. Illumination. Sattva. Stillness but with awareness. Pure consciousness. Who am I? What's my purpose? What's the true nature of the Self? All of the answers. In the stillness. The journey to the other side of the Om. Self realization. The realization of the Self. The experience of the Self. In the stillness what's left? No ego. No mind. No thoughts. No body. No world. Just awareness. The awareness of awareness. Pure awareness. In the stillness are all of your answers. You have to take the journey, though. The journey of the Om. You have to take YOUR journey. No one else can take it for you. You can't use someone else's map to find your destination. You have to go into your OWN fire. You have to create your OWN map. Surrender. Go inward. Find stillness. Listen. And reconnect with your Self. It's not a journey to connect with your Self. You're going home. Oooommmmmmmmmm! You've already been there. There actually is no there. There's nowhere to go. You're already there. You're already HERE. The destination is the journey. The journey is Om!