The sun is the lightest and brightest thing in our world.  One of the things we are working to do in yoga is to become lighter and brighter.  The ego and mind are constantly pulling us down.  It takes hard work to move out of the tamasic state of heaviness and sluggishness.  We must lift ourselves up and elevate ourselves, shifting our perspective away from the ego and the mind, attachment and aversion, and connecting with the part of ourselves that is pure consciousness, pure awareness.  That same pure awareness, that same pure consciousness, that same light that is in you is also in me.  That same light that is in us is in everyone.  When you see me -- try to look past all the noise, all the confusion, all the armor I've put up to protect myself, all the walls, all the judgment and all the fear.  Try to look past my ego and my mind.  Can you see the light in me?  I will try to look for the light in you too.  Then we will be able to connect.  I'm sure of it. :) Namaste!  Let your light shine and flow through you.