Go into the fire!

There is no growth without discomfort. There is no healing without pain. Go into the fire. Go towards the heat, the discomfort, the pain. That's how you're going to heal yourself. Yoga is not about avoiding things. Stop distracting yourself. Sit with your suffering. Breathe into it. Heal yourself. Take the journey. It's all about the journey. And if the journey is leading you anywhere but inward and closer to your Self then you aren't really on the journey at all. What's this journey all about? Learning to love. Learning to love every moment. Learning to accept yourself right here and right now. This moment is all there is. Imagine there is no future and no past. There is only right here and right now. Can you open up more in this moment? Can you expand more in this moment? What are you waiting for? Contract and you get ego. Expand and you become pure consciousness. How much could you open up right now? How much could you expand? How incredible is this moment right here and now? Are you loving it all? Are you breathing it all in? This is your life. Don't take even one second of it for granted. And stop running away from your pain. Stop! Right now. Back yourself. Show up for yourself. Now is the time! Go into the fire!