Be a Good Partner.

My teacher, Dharma, usually does at least one or two partner poses in his classes. I've tried to add in a little more partner yoga into my classes since I started practicing with Dharma.

Partner yoga is a great way to connect with others. You learn to help support your partner and you learn how to let someone else support you. Every relationship requires this dynamic. Sometimes you are leading and driving the car, and sometimes you are going along for the ride.

I was doing a partner yoga workshop, at the Dharma Yoga Center in New York, and I remember my teacher, Yoshio, commenting that 'practicing with your partner is like being in a healthy marriage, there's give and take, sometimes you are the one opening up and flying, and sometimes you are the one providing stability and supporting your partner, so they can open up and fly.

This pose is one of my favorite partner poses. It's a nice shoulder opener and chest opener for the person on top and it really helps you find length and extension in your forward fold when you are the person on the bottom.

Be a good partner.  Support your partner when they need you and allow yourself to be supported when you need help.