Be Courageous! Stand Your Ground. Be a Warrior!

Yoga philosophy speaks a lot about courage...

This courage is not about doing an advanced asana. It's about standing your ground. Can you get out of your comfort zone and go into the fire? And can you stay there? Can you stand your ground? Can you breathe into the discomfort? Can you be vulnerable? Can you stay open in the middle of adversity?

When your fears bubble to the surface, when your stuff comes up and challenges you, are you getting tossed and turned, and thrown around?

Stay in stillness.

Don't run away. Don't go somewhere else. Don't distract yourself.

Stay present to your experience. Look at your stuff! Hold your focus. You can do this!

Stay present and observe your experience. Look at your stuff that is coming up. Look at the patterns of your mind. And try not to get involved in them.

Choose to let go of these patterns. Let things come to the surface and let them go. In the middle of the fire, surrender, and let go.

This is the practice. Stand in the fire, look at your stuff, and let go. You can't phone it in. You never get there. You have to challenge yourself. You have to Show up for yourself. Look at your fear. Look at the things that are getting in your way and holding you back.

Be courageous! Stand your ground. Be a warrior!