Let Go of Your Expectations! Just Chop Wood and Carry Water.

I suggested to two of my students this morning that I thought they might be ready for a more advanced variation of the pose they were doing. These two students both come to class regularly and are always working hard in their practice. And they are both making a lot of progress too. They just keep showing up and doing the work.  Neither one is that concerned about the results of their practice.  They are living examples of that old saying:  Just chop wood and carry water.

I loved how each of these students reacted when I suggested it was time for the next stage and maybe time for them to move on to a more advanced variation.  They were both really surprised and hadn't realized they had made so much progress on this particular pose.  They looked at me like two excited little kids, happy to hear about their progress but also completely content in what they were doing too.  

I thought after the class about how these two students were doing such a great job: offering their practice, letting go of their egos, not focusing on results, and letting go of expectations.

We always talk about this in my classes and these two have been really practicing offering their practice and this is what happens when you forget about the results.  You achieve things in your practice and it surprises you because you were just showing up and doing the work.  And it's such a cool surprise when this happens. 

It's so hard to let go of our expectations.  It's so hard to just show up and do the work.  We often get caught up focusing on the results of our actions instead of being in the moment and taking the journey. 

The surprise on both of these students faces when I pointed out to them that they may have outgrown what they were doing was really quite beautiful for me to see as their teacher and brought a big smile to my face. 

Let go of your expectations.  Let go of focusing on the results.  Just show up, do the work, offer your practice, and the results will come...

And the beautiful thing is that it won't even matter to you because you were so focused on the journey, and not on the destination and the results.

Just chop wood and carry water...