Slow Down. Find Stillness. Turn Inward.

You’re on your motorcycle. You’re flying along. You’ve got no lights, though. You can’t see where you’re going. And, you’ve got not brakes. You can’t slow down and you can’t stop.

You’re flying down the mountain on a winding path and it’s starting to get dark. You’ve got no lights. You’ve got no brakes. You can’t slow down.

Up ahead, on the path, is a yogi. He’s slowly walking down the mountain. He’s got a light. He’s using his light to see where he’s going. He hears this commotion coming down the path behind him. He stops walking, turns, and sees you, out of control, flying down the mountain, on your motorcycle.

You scream and yell, ‘Get out of the way! I’m out of control.’

The yogi watches you for a moment. As you get closer, he holds out his light.  ‘Here take my light, so you can see where you’re going.’

You fly by the yogi, unable to slow down enough to grab onto the light. You yell back over your shoulder, ‘It doesn’t matter. I’ve got no brakes. I can’t slow down.’

Yoga helps us to slow down and find stillness. It’s in the stillness where we receive the light, so that we can light our path and see where we’re going.

The closer you get to stillness, the closer you get to the center of your Self. The closer you get to the Light. When the Light moves through you, you get to see where you’re going. You start to understand your purpose. Everything gets a little more clear. Everything gets lighter.

Slow down. Find stillness. Turn inward. And let the light move through you and light your path.