The Journey is into the Fire and Through the Fire!

The journey is into the fire, and through the fire.

Yoga is not about rainbows and unicorns! It's supposed to be challenging. It involves looking at darkness and the darker parts of ourselves on our journey towards the light. You can't by-pass this work. This work is your yoga practice!

Take your journey into the fire and look at yourself. It's going to get hot. It's going to get uncomfortable. It's supposed to be uncomfortable!

Take a look at the things that are disconnected, the parts of you that aren't integrated. Really take a look!

It is in this observation that we begin the process of letting go of the things that are holding us back and getting in the way of us realizing our true potential, our true purpose and the true nature of who we really are.

It is by focusing on the darkness that you end up seeing the light. It is the concentration on the sound of the OM that reveals the experience of the stillness that follows.

You can't have light without darkness.

Get on your mat! Do the work! Breathe into the discomfort!

You're in for some powerful transformation. But be prepared for a bumpy ride. There are no unicorns and rainbows on this yoga journey towards the truth. And if you see one you are probably headed in the wrong direction!