Be Grateful For The Things That Are Working In Your Life!

So often we complain about things that aren't working in our lives.  It is so important to be grateful for the things that are working in your life too.  

I was picking up some things at the grocery store tonight.  One of the things I grabbed was a piece of garlic bread.  They had individual sized pieces of garlic bread!  I was so excited.  Individual pieces of garlic bread!  Incredible.  You don't understand.  They didn't used to do this and I asked them to make these individual pieces of garlic bread for me a few weeks ago.  I have to explain this to you.  A few weeks ago, I had asked the people at the bakery to please make some smaller pieces of garlic bread.  I was always disappointed when I was shopping, finding only giant, family sized, pieces of garlic bread, when I just wanted a small piece, to heat up for myself.  So, they started to cut some of the garlic bread into smaller pieces and began to offer this as well.  It was such a small thing but it made me so happy.  So, I started to add a small piece of garlic bread to some of my meals over the last two weeks.  Perfect.  Just enough for me to add to my meal without having to throw any away.  Perfect!

I went over to the bakery, after picking up this individual piece of garlic bread, and putting it into my basket, and I told the woman, who was working there, how grateful I was that each time I've been shopping in the last two weeks, and felt like adding a piece of garlic bread to my meal, there were a bunch of small pieces now for me to choose.  Such a small thing but such a wonderful thing.  I explained to her how I had asked a few weeks ago and I was so grateful that they had been doing this for me the past few weeks.  

At first, when I approached the counter to speak with this woman, and tried to get her attention, she looked at me nervously, like I was going to complain about something.  I think they must get so many people complaining about everything.  Everybody is very vocal when there's something that they don't like.  We need to take the time to share with others when we do like something.  

She quickly realized I just wanted to thank her for what she and her department had done, and she lit up and offered me this huge smile.  I smiled too and we shared this little connection.  This silly little moment of happiness over a piece of garlic bread.  

I hope I made her night tonight, or, maybe made up for some of the complaints she likely has had to field from all the people who express themselves when something isn't going well.  We have to remember that a lot of things are going well.

Please take the time to comment and offer feedback on the things you like as much as the things you don't like.  Focus on the positive sometimes.  It can't all be negative.  Shift your perspective. It's the small gestures and letting people know that they are valued and the work they are doing matters that really can make someone's day.  I've had challenging days, like anyone else, and it's so nice to have someone express something positive, or, just share how grateful they are after a class, or tell me something positive about their experience in class.  We have so much power to light each other up and it's so easy to do.  It's just a choice.

Be grateful for the things that are working in your life.