The Light In Me Recognizes The Light In You

I'm staying in this Airbnb apartment, here, in Shanghai.  There is this sweet, little, old lady, who lives in the building.  Her daughter, or granddaughter, has been taking her out for a walk each day, and I've been running into them. They both give me such a nice smile when they see me.  When I practice my limited Chinese, and say things like, "Nihao" (hello), the old lady lights up, and grins from ear to ear.  These little moments of connection have really made each day so special.  So simple to just have an open heart and smile at a stranger and say hello.  Each day, when I leave from these exchanges I am grinning from ear to ear too.  The three of us have had a beautiful moment of connection.  It's the "namaste" connection.  The light in me recognizes the light in you, and it's the same.  Life is so beautiful.  So many incredible and meaningful moments. Grateful for each one!  Namaste.