Shine the Light on Yourself

When we are identifying with the ego we often judge others very harshly.  We place expectations on people.  We hold the world up to a very high standard and we punish those who don't meet that standard.  The irony is that, when we are doing this, we often don't hold ourselves up to the same standard.  When we identify with the ego, we want everyone else to change, and the world to change around us.  We don't want to change ourselves at all, yet, often, we are the ones who need to change the most. When we are filled with judgment of others, we aren't really very far along on our path.  Shine the light on yourself.  Change yourself and your relationship to the world.  If you find yourself judging and criticizing other people, know that this is not helping you on your journey.  You're not only NOT helping the people you are judging, who would benefit far more from your compassion and kindness, but you aren't helping YOURSELF either.