A lot of stuff bubbles to the surface when you are in the fire.

Backbending Workshop at Kula Yoga this past weekend! Check out these big open hearted Yogis!

We really went into the fire in this workshop. And a lot of stuff bubbles to the surface when you are in that fire. Yoga is the practice of slowly dissolving the ego. And it’s a painful process. It’s not easy and it’s not about rainbows and unicorns and sunshine. It requires a lot of courage and it’s intense. But it is so worth it! Remember — it gets messy before it gets clean. We’ve gotta do the work and go through the discomfort to get to the other side. There’s no spiritual by-pass. Get on your mat! Dig in. And stand your ground. You can do this!

This first picture is of a hip flexor stretch that I love. If your hip flexors are tight — your low back is going to suffer when you backbend. Monkey Pose and Hanuman variations are great to open the hip flexors. And variations of Lying Down Kneeling Warrior, like this one — using the block. And the Backbends themselves will open the hip flexors as well. Use your core to stabilize the low back, lengthen the spine, and help the hip flexors release.