Copy the teacher.

“Copy the teacher, copy the teacher, copy the teacher.” — Dharma Mittra

My teacher — Sri Dharma Mittra, always talks about how we learn by copying the teacher. I love listening to him talk about when he would sit for meditation and say to himself, “I am Yogi Gupta, I am Yoga Gupta, I am Yogi Gupta.”

There is so much to learn and so many layers to peel off. Keep digging deeper. Yoga is always asking for more. The ego says, ‘I’ve got this all figured out.’ Yoga says, ‘You have barely scratched the surface.’ Imitate, integrate, and then innovate. Most people want to skip the first step and become innovators right away. Imitate, imitate, imitate! If you just keep practicing — you don’t have to think about being an innovator. If you just keep practicing — one day it sinks in and integrates. And when the practice becomes a part of you — you naturally start to innovate, as more and more Light flows through you. You don’t choose to be an innovator, you just keep practicing until things become integrated in you and it happens naturally. You can’t start improvising and playing between the notes until you first learn to play the notes. Check out these beautiful demos by my students while practice teaching this past month in our Shiva Yoga 200hr Teacher Training program. Their students are doing a beautiful job copying the teacher. I think Yogi Gupta would be proud of them.