Holding space.

Individual sharing at our Closing Ritual. Holding space. Active listening. Supporting each other. One of the most powerful things that happens in this Teacher Training program is witnessing the students allow others to see who they really are and seeing them getting more comfortable with themselves. Peel off the layers. Drop the mask. Who is in there? Trust. You’re enough. And you’re not too much. You’re perfect exactly the way you are and that’s who we want to get to know. We don’t have another you! Over and over again (in the program) I kept encouraging the students to be authentic. Spirituality is real. It’s grounded in reality. It’s intense, and challenging, and hard work. Walking a spiritual path is not filled with unicorns and rainbows and sunshine. It’s about getting to the truth and in order to do that we’ve got to peel off so many layers. Simple connection. Really listening and paying attention to someone. Seeing them and allowing yourself to be seen. Such deep connection with this group. Such beautiful communication from the heart at our Closing Ritual. Speak your truth, Yogis! Share yourself with the world.