Sun Salutations.

Kula Yoga crew working on Chatturanga in our Sun Salutation Workshop on the weekend! Check out the beautiful alignment on Amanda Gammisch. Fun day! So great to see you all. Thank you for coming!

The Sun Salutations are a big part of yoga. The Sun is another symbol of our inner Light. We connect the idea of the lightest and brightest thing in our world with the lightest and brightest (and most subtle) aspect of who we are.

The Sun Salutations are also a gratitude practice. I open my heart up and I bow down — grateful for another day. Thank you. Thank you. Over and over again. If we are practicing Hatha Yoga — the Sun Salutations can help us find balance. Backbends are energizing and uplifting, and forward folds are calming and help us to surrender and turn inward.

In the Sun Salutations we go back and forth between the backbends and forward folds, over and over again, inhaling and exhaling.

The Sun Salutations also help warm us up and get ready for the rest of the practice coming up.