Deeping the relationship with yourself.

If your yoga practice is helping you get into a deeper relationship with your Self, then you will notice your relationships changing. When you experience your Self in that deepest state of meditation, called Samadhi -- what flows through you are feelings of love, compassion, and kindness. The awareness of your inner light shines through you. It's impossible to not care more about the people and things around you, once you experience this deeper connection to your Self.

It is when we are not in touch with this inner light that we live from a very small place. The ego governs our thinking. We look out at the world very selfishly.

My teacher, Dharma Mittra, talks of how most of us are living most of the time in the lower chakras. I need food and money. I want to feel good. I want some power and control.

Yoga helps us make the shift to being more of service in the world. It is not about you checking out of your life and focusing only on your practice. It is about you inspiring others. Sharing the teachings you are learning. Getting involved in your community. Helping someone in need. Helping to lift others up.

I am writing this because we have a pretty big election coming up in 2 days. But it's more than just this election. We are all living in a time that is presenting some pretty big challenges and we need to rise to the occasion and take on these pretty big challenges. I think history is going to look back on this as a pivotal moment. I think we can rise to the challenges we are facing. I am confident we can!

I want to encourage everyone reading this to get more involved. I hope that the legacy I leave behind as a yoga teacher is that people speak of my students as being actively engaged in their lives, building strong relationships, moving through the world with more kindness and compassion, working to create a better world, listening to others, helping to lift others up, getting involved, and being a part of the change they want to see in the world.

How could you get more involved? How could you check in more? Who needs help in your community? Who could you reach out to and help to lift up? Apathy is a sign of a very low level of energy. Yoga takes action. What inspires you? How are you going to make a difference? Complaining on fb won't change the world. Liking this post won't change the world.

I'm inspired to see so many people my age and younger running for office in America in this coming election. But I'm also disheartened when I read that even a strong turnout for this election will mean that likely 50% of eligible voters won't participate and won't vote. Come on! Seriously? I don't understand this at all. Get on your mat and practice! And get off your butt and vote on Tuesday! It took me five minutes to vote early and send in my ballot. We need to be a part of the change, yogis. We need to be a part of the change, young people.

Some guy walked into a yoga studio and shot people the other day. Really? Are you kidding me? The angry and divisive language used in politics today has got to stop. We have got to get involved and work together. We need more yogis in government. We need more women in government. We need more young people in government. It's time to move things forward. No more complaining. No more whining about things. It's time to take action. Let's do this!

If you are still reading (lol) -- please leave a comment and let me know if you voted already or plan to vote on Tuesday. You might inspire someone else to vote.

Yoga is hard. It's challenging. Maybe it's challenging for you to get to the polling station on Tuesday. You can do it! I've seen some of you hold a 5 minute plank pose! I've seen some of you deep in the fire -- and you didn't give up! You persevered. You didn't make excuses. You didn't listen to the small part of yourself. You showed up and you got the job done.

Life is just like your yoga practice. You don't accidentally achieve anything on your mat. You don't accidentally achieve things in your life. You don't reach Samadhi by lying on the couch, binge watching netflx, and eating ice cream. You don't undo old patterns without some effort. It takes some hard work to make changes. It takes action It takes concentration.

It's time for us to take action and show the world that democracy works when we work it. I'm writing this message for anyone who is a student of mine who is not planning to vote in the election on Tuesday and needs an extra push. Your vote counts! Your vote matters! You matter and you can make a difference! Our democracy works when we all participate. There is no excuse. Let's do this. This is our 5 minute plank. We've got this!

Come on, yogis! There's work to be done. Don't let me down