Until we meet again.

Our final day together! Lots of fun and laughter. Some silliness and play. I love how everyone comes together like a family on these retreats. It’s a really fun way to travel. Bittersweet to say goodbye. Good memories. This week was really packed and at the same time it just flew by and the last day was suddenly upon us. A very special group and a very special place. Thank you everyone and thank you Maui for hosting us and letting us soak up all the wonderful energy on the island. I feel tired but also refreshed and rejuvenated from this experience. I’m already thinking about the next one. Where will we go next? The feedback from those on our last few retreats is to go to — Croatia, Thailand, Iceland, Cuba, or India! So, look out for one of these destinations in the near future! 😁🤗🙏👍❤️ Until we meet again.