Arm Balance Workshop!

Arm Balance Workshop!  Arm balances are considered advanced warm up poses.  Advanced students need more challenging poses in order to go into the fire.  Each arm balance is simply a variation of a Standing Warmup Pose but done in either Plank Pose or Low Plank.  If you can hold Plank Pose and Low Plank then you are strong enough to work on many arm balances.  Are you flexible enough, though?  When you understand the anatomy of each pose it’s easy to see the different families of poses.  Crow Pose is the Deep Squat done in Low Plank.  Crane Pose is the Deep Squat done in Plank.  Koundinya’s Pose is the Triangle Pose done in Low Plank.  Etc.  So much fun breaking things down with the Baja Soul Yogis in Cabo!  Missing you already!