The Guru is the one who is heavy with knowledge.

One of the things that I loved so much about this past week at Baja Soul Yoga in Cabo San Lucas was revisiting the journey I’ve taken with my teachers.  When I shared a story from Annie, Dharma, Mr. Ramaswami, or one of the other wonderful teachers who have influenced my practice, it’s like they were there in the room with us, and I felt transported back to the day they first shared that same story with me.  I got to fall in love with their teachings all over again, reliving them with my students.

I am so grateful for my teachers.  We owe such a debt to our teachers, and to their teachers, and their teachers, and ultimately to the original seekers, who didn’t have this incredible technology that has been given to us but had to make their own way through the darkness and find the Light.

The Guru is the one who is heavy with knowledge.  This is the meaning of the word Guru. The Spiritual (big “G”)Guru is heavy with spiritual knowledge.  The Guru dispels the darkness and leads the student towards the Light. This is another meaning of the word Guru.  When I stand in the place of the teacher and share the teachings of my teachers I try to get out of the way, so the teaching can flow through me, from my teachers, directly to my students.  I realized so clearly this past week that when I am teaching I’m just another student soaking up the teachings with my students all over again.  Listening to the stories of my teachers.  Practicing the practices given to me by my teachers.  I just happen to be the one sharing their stories and leading their practices.  

Thank you Baja Soul Yogis for giving me the opportunity to sit with my teachers and their teachings again.  There was something really special in the room with us all week.  I think it was them.