Be kind, be compassionate, be loving.

Yogis!  We know that in our yoga practice we are on a journey into stillness.  We are working towards quieting the mind, and moving deeper into stillness, so that we can experience a deeper connection to our Self.  We also know that once we experience this deeper connection it changes our relationship to everyone and everything around us.  We change our relationship to our Self and that changes our relationship to everything else.  It’s like we have to get alone with our Self before we can truly connect with others. 

When we experience this deeper connection to our Self we automatically want to help others who are suffering.  A big shift happens and we are more kind, compassionate, and loving.  It works the other way too. 

Yoga philosophy tells us that practicing compassion and kindness is practicing yoga. We can work from the outside in.  Practicing compassion and kindness is like practicing already having taken the journey inward, into stillness, and already having experienced the deepest part of your Self. You’re already there!

If you are identified with your ego and caught up in the noise in your head, you are identifying with the most superficial part of who you are.  If you find you are judging, criticizing others, complaining, and caught up in the endless stream of thoughts and noise in your head, then you are caught up in the most superficial layer of yourself.  One of the tools you can use to let go of your ego and turn inward is to practice compassion and kindness. 

Modern studies are confirming what the yogis have taught for thousands of years. Practicing compassion and kindness doesn’t just help others – it helps you shift your perspective too.  By helping lift others out of suffering you help elevate yourself at the same time.  It’s like giving a hug.  You can’t give a hug without receiving a hug at the same time.

Practice yoga off the mat.  Be kind.  Be compassionate.  Be loving.

How could you practice being more kind in your life?  How could you be more compassionate to those around you?  Let go of the ego, your judgment of others, your criticism and complaints, and the endless stream of thoughts and noise in your head.

Take a moment this weekend and do something kind for someone.  The world needs a little more kindness in it.  Let’s contribute to our collective experience in a positive way. 


Sending love to all of you.

Have a beautiful weekend!