Be playful and have fun.

I’ve been very fortunate to have some really wonderful teachers in my life and on my yoga journey. Each of my teachers always brought a sense of lightness to things, they all found ways to be playful and to have fun. I try to bring this playfulness to all of my classes and remind the students that I’m training to become teachers to always remember to have fun when they are teaching. I love yoga and I love teaching yoga. That’s one of the greatest things we can share with our students — our love for yoga. The practice is intense and challenging and takes a lot of hard work. Don’t forget to enjoy the journey and have fun! Find moments to play. Even in the middle of the fire and the intensity, try to stay light and have fun! I really like this hand to foot transition — from Plow Pose, rocking up to the balance, and then trying to slowly lower the legs for the Seated Straight Legged Forward Fold. Give it a shot the next time you are on your mat. It’s harder than it looks and it is almost guaranteed to make you smile.