Be. Right here. Right now.

Look at the judgment, criticism, and endless commentary as you move through your practice. The Ego behaves as if everyone asked us for our opinion on everything – but in reality, nobody asked us for our opinion on anything. Whether we verbalize the commentary or not – we have to listen to it. You’re either present or you’re not. You’re either in this moment or you’re not. And if you’re caught up in your head, judging the moment that just passed, you’re not really in this moment.

Can you observe without commenting? Can you sit in the discomfort of an experience without judgment? Instead of commenting on your experience – let yourself have the experience. Let yourself feel something. Let yourself be surprised. Let go of your expectations. Let go of the focus on the results. These things come from the Ego. I want this to go this way. I am doing this because I want to see these results. Can you be open to what is unfolding and let it unfold?
You don’t have to comment on everything. You don’t have to criticize everything. You don’t have to judge everything. You can even take yourself out of the equation. Who are you to think you know everything anyway? 

Stop. Just stop. Stop the judgment. Stop the endless stream of criticism and commentary. Try to just observe. Observe. Without reacting. Without coloring the situation with an emotion or with your opinion. What does that feel like? It’s going to feel weird at first. It’s going to make you feel vulnerable. It’s like re-learning something you forgot how to do. Just observe and allow yourself to be in the moment. Instead of doing something – just be – right here and right now. In this moment. Just be.