Every ending is a new beginning.

Some more highlights from our Shiva Yoga 200hr RYT Teacher Training Program! I will miss this amazing group of Yogis. I am leaving Wenling today for Shenzhen! I am sad to leave. Leading these trainings is definitely a practice for me. Yoga teaches us so much about concentration, going into the fire, experiencing the present moment, and then letting go, surrendering. This is yoga practice. Over and over again. It’s like that when I lead these intensive Teacher Training Program’s too, just like another practice. It’s been an intense 5 weeks. Incredible focus and concentration. We went deep into the fire. Now, it is time to let go and prepare for the next adventure. Time is always moving forward. Concentrate, go into the fire. Breathe into each moment, live fully, and then let go, let it go, and focus on the next moment. Every ending is a new beginning! Namaste. Lots of love to you, Wenling! See you again soon.