Handstand Workshop!

Handstand Workshop today at Aladdin Yoga in Shenzhen! We kick off our 3 Day Weekend Intensive today.  Excited to work with these students. There are so many poses you can practice to improve your Handstand. Plank Pose is one of the best warm up poses for Handstand. If you have a solid Plank Pose and a solid Chatturanga (Low Plank) you are strong enough for most arm balances, including the Handstand. See how long you can hold your Plank Pose this weekend. Can you hold for 3 mins? 4 mins? 5 mins? I used to be able to hold the Plank Pose for 8 mins before I’d completely lose my form and fall apart. Some of you remember the days when we used to regularly hold a 5 min Plank Pose in my classes in the Southbay in Los Angeles. The Handstand isn’t an essential pose in yoga. It is great for teaching us core strength and shoulder stability. strength. Handstands take us out of our comfort zone. This means they can teach us courage and be very empowering. How quickly can you move passed your fear and resistance and go into the fire? 🔥💪. This is Yoga! It all starts with tapas. Have a great end of your week and start to your weekend! Let me know how the hold in Plank Pose goes