The Flying Frog!

Teaching my students a lot about jumping forward in the flow this past week in our 200hr Shiva Yoga RYT Teacher Training Program. When you are jumping forward in your Sun Salutations and transitioning to the front of your mat, think of jumping up and then slowly bring the feet down between the hands. If you practice this a lot you start to find a place in the middle where you are in stillness -- a point where you are no longer going up but you haven’t started coming down yet. When this transition becomes smooth, you can start to do advanced transitions, like floating into your crane pose (bakasana). This will also prepare you to come into arm balances from your Tripod Head Balance and Handstand.  

One day, 13 yrs ago, I was in a class at Yogaworks on Montana Ave, taught by my friend, and one of my teacher’s, Jesse Schein. She demonstrated this fun transition that she called the “Flying Frog”. At the time, I wasn’t very good at jumping forward in my practice. Jumping from downward dog into the crane pose or up into handstand seemed like it was a looooong way away. This transition helped me find that moment of stillness, where my body wasn’t going up anymore but hadn’t started to come down yet. This transition is one of the “tricks” I have taught my students ever since that day. I’ve watched many of them learn very quickly to transition from downward dog into their crane pose with the help of the “Flying Frog”.

A big shout out to one of the original fearless flyers in LA. Thank you, Jesse. Your teaching and the “Flying Frog” lives on. Grateful for you! Lots of fun teaching my students this fun transition this past week in our Shiva Yoga 200hr RYT Teacher Training Program here in China.