Knees Down Shoulder Opener with Block!

My translator and students looking on as I demonstrate an exercise that teaches the actions in the shoulders needed for inversions like the handstand and Head Balance. Shout out to @yogatuneup Jill Miller for teaching me this variation when I did YogaTuneup training with her 10 yrs ago. Hug your elbows in and push your biceps out, lift your shoulder blades (away from your neck) and widen your shoulder blades, externally rotate your arms, engage your core, reach your hips back and push your chest through your arms. Incredible! Check out the same actions in your Downward Dog or Handstand immediately afterward and you’ll be blown away at how clear you can feel the actions in these poses and your awareness of the muscles you need to stabilize your shoulders when working with the arms overhead (in flexion). A gift from one of our anatomy wizards (Jill). Namaste yogis!