The Guru is "heavy" with knowledge!

The Guru is the one who is “heavy” with knowledge! I try to pack as much as I can into my Shiva Yoga Teacher Training programs. There is so much to learn in yoga. The asana is such a small part of the bigger picture. If you’ve done training with me before you know that we cover the walls and decorate the room with the many creative projects we are working on during the program. Focusing on the bigger picture of yoga and understanding yoga philosophy can be just as fun as breaking down an asana and understanding alignment and anatomy, and both are essential, if you want to be a good yoga teacher. Teaching asana without philosophy is like serving a meal without the sauce. The sauce is essential! If you are just doing yoga exercise you will get many benefits from your practice but if you are practicing yoga you get those same benefits and you also have the potential to change your life, your relationship to your Self, and your relationship to everything and everyone around you! Don’t forget the sauce! Lol