Taking the Leg Behind the Head!

The Pigeon family of poses prepares the hips for the Lotus Pose. These poses could also go in the Leg Behind the Head family too — a deep forward fold with the hip in external rotation and flexion. If you are new to putting your leg behind your head, start on your back in Thread the Needle — an Easy Reclined Pigeon. When this is too comfortable, hold the shin with both forearms and straighten the other leg. It will be like you are in an upside down Single Pigeon. If you feel comfortable in this Reclined Pigeon, keep the arm close to your ankle under the shin and put your other arm behind your head, like in the Cow Faced Arm Position. Lean your head back against your arm. When this starts to feel comfortable, you are probably ready to take your leg behind your head. Bend the straight leg first and pull the knee of the bent leg to the floor, beside your chest, almost like half of Happy Baby. Work your shoulder behind your knee, and then eventually the leg behind the head. Straighten the other leg. Go slowly. The Leg Behind the Head Pose takes the hip into deep flexion, so be careful of your low back. This pose also takes the hip into deep external rotation, so be careful of your knee.