The Story of King Vishvamittra and Sage Vacista.

Teaching my students some different variations of Vacistasana and different transitions in and out of the pose. This transition from the Equestrian Pose (Runner’s Lunge) is one of the easiest ways to come into full Vacistasana. Told my students the story of Vacista and King Vishvamitra too. It’s a good story about karma, tapas, letting go of the ego, and letting go of magical thinking.

Vacistasana and Vishvamitrasana are two poses that have a lot of similarity and these two characters are also deeply connected. Sage Vacista lived on King Vishvamitra’s land. King Vishvamitra wanted Sage Vacista’s powers. He believed the Sage’s powers came from a magical cow. He demanded the Sage give him the magical cow. Sage Vacista refused and destroyed Vishvamitra’s army. King Vishvamitra then became a student of yoga and of the great Sage Vacista and eventually he became an even greater yogi than the Vacista. King Vishvamitra learned that Vacista’s yogi powers didn’t come from a magical cow, as he originally had thought, and by stealing the cow he wouldn’t have gained those powers. Every yogi has to take their own journey. There is no magic in yoga and there never was a magical cow. Through concentration and intense tapas the King burned off his old karma and eventually was able to let go of his ego and surrender. Finding perfect balance between concentration and surrender, King Vishvamitra found stillness, and with his mind quiet, experienced Samadhi.

We honor these two great yogis with the two poses Vishvamitrasana and Vacistasana. Find the perfect balance between concentration and surrender! There’s no magic in yoga. Practice! Do the work! There’s no short cuts! Let go of your ego and find stillness. In the stillness you will experience your true Self. When your inner light shines through, you’ll have all the power you will ever need.