Growth for me has always come in waves.

Growth for me has always come in waves. It’s non-linear. We spiral up, always moving forward but sometimes feeling like we are moving backwards, or even standing still. There’s that old saying of — 2 steps forward and 1 step back. I like to think of life as a series of plateau’s, broken up by rapid increases in elevation. I feel like I am in one of these major growth phases right now. A sharp increase in elevation! The next level of evolution on my journey. Rapid expansion! It feels a little like I have been walking along for sometime at the same speed and I feel like I have just stepped on one of those moving walkway’s at the airport. Whoa! Accelerated growth! It’s a little scary. A little exciting. I feel a little vulnerable. This is the place to be. Right here. Right now. What’s next? What’s on the other side? Where will this next phase of growth lead? Not sure. Surrendering into it. Trusting the Universe has a plan. No fear. No resistance. Just breathing and enjoying the ride.