Sometimes You Support Your Partner And Sometimes They Support You!

This is one of my favorite partner yoga poses. I love the assisted stretch you get from your partner when you are on top in the backbend and also when you are on the bottom in the forward fold.  My teacher — Dharma Mittra, always likes to add in some partner yoga poses to his classes and I try to do the same whenever possible. This picture is from a partner yoga workshop I led in our last Shiva Yoga Teacher Training program. One of my mentor’s at the Dharma Yoga Center, during my Teacher Training program’s there, was a really great teacher — one of Dharma’s assistants, named Yoshio Hama.  I remember one day -- Yoshio was leading a partner yoga workshop, during one of our program’s, and he commented that doing a partner yoga pose, you had to do the same as in any good partnership or relationship -- sometimes you had to support your partner and sometimes they had to support you.  There’s always going to be give and take in any relationship.  Sometimes you are sharing ideas and sometimes you are listening to your partner’s ideas. There has to be compromise.  I love doing my self practice but it’s also sometimes nice to go to a group class and connect with others. And it’s a lot of fun to do partner yoga. A group yoga class has so many benefits — connecting to the group energy, the feeling of community — being with a like minded group, fellow practitioners, making new friends on a similar journey to yours.  When you go to yoga class, get to know the people practicing next to you. Even if there’s no partner yoga. This is your community. These are your neighbors. These are your people. Say hi to someone. Open up. Share yourself. You’ve got a lot to offer the world. And there’s a lot of really cool people out there.