There is so much pressure on us these days to be sparkly and bright.

There is such pressure on us these days to always be sparkly and bright. Isn’t there? I was feeling that pressure yesterday. I was feeling a little overwhelmed. Lots on my plate right now. Trying to breathe into it. My body was feeling tired and my brain was exhausted from a day of editing one of my training manuals. I didn’t feel like holding space for anyone and I was glad that I didn’t have any classes to teach after teaching one private lesson in the morning. When I get really tired like this my mind goes very negative on me. I battled through a practice last night and that helped a little. I watched some comedy on Netflix and that helped too. I did some reading. I knew I really just needed some alone time and a good night of sleep and I’d feel better today. And I did. 

My life is really simple these days and I like it that way. Sometimes I feel like it’s not social media worthy, though. Lol. 

I was listening to Ryan Seacreast the other morning on the radio and he was talking about how when you spend a lot of time on instagram it feels like everybody is always on vacation except you, everyone is always in a bathing suit and the girls are always in high heels, and everyone is always in the pool, or at the pool, or on a beach somewhere, or on vacation somewhere exotic.

I guess social media isn’t the place where we show the world who we really are but a little more realness I think would be a lot more healthy. 

What do you guys think? For the yogis especially. Do you sometimes feel the pressure to always be on? Do you feel the pressure to always be taking pictures of yourself when you practice yoga? Do you feel the pressure to always be showing the world you are living a fabulous life? Do you feel inadequate if something you post doesn’t get enough likes or you don’t have enough followers? Do you feel pressure to post only beautiful pics of yourself and your practice? I definitely feel this sometimes. I wonder how that makes people feel who don’t do yoga? Do they think this is what the practice is all about? If you can’t do the splits, in a handstand, at the top of a mountain, under a waterfall, at sunset, are you still a real yogi?