Focus on the positive.

Focus on the positive. What did you do really well? What could you improve upon? Analyze your experience. When you start teaching regularly you won’t get feedback from your students like you do in a Teacher Training program. The students who don’t have a positive experience just won’t come back to your class. You have to analyze your own experience. You have to look at what worked and what didn’t work. Every class you teach will offer you the opportunity to improve. As your awareness increases you will get better at analyzing your own experience too. Be specific. Try not to judge yourself. It’s a journey. It’s a practice. Focus on the positive first and then think of the things that you can work on for the next time. When we are practice teaching I always ask the students to offer feedback the same way. Focus on the positive. What did you really like about the class? What could the teacher improve upon? If you are negative and judgmental it says more about where you are on your journey than it does about where the person is on their journey — that you are judging.