Hatha Yoga - Cleansing, Mudra, Bandha, Pranayama!

Hot and sweaty twisting themed Shiva Power® class! We are exploring a lot of cleansing, mudra, bandha, and pranayama this week in my Shiva Yoga 200hr Teacher Training program.

Hatha Yoga uses the physical body and the energetic body to move beyond the mind and ego and experience the Ultimate Reality. Tantra philosophy tells us the Universe is a balance of masculine and feminine. When you find perfect balance in yourself you get to experience the Ultimate Reality! Before you practice mudra, bandha, and pranayama — first use the cleansing practices and asana to purify the physical body. Remove excess mucous (kapha) from the respiratory system, remove excess wind (vata) from the digestive tract, and stoke the digestive fire (pitta) to help remove excess body fat and prevent digestive problems. Awaken the subtle sense perception with Trataka. When the body is ready — use mudra, bandha, and pranayama to bring the masculine and feminine energy together, unite the opposite upward and downward forces, and balance the nervous system.

Patanjali declares, ‘pranayama makes the mind fit for concentration practice’, and also, ‘pranayama removes the veil of darkness covering the true nature of the Self’. It is therefore a preparation for concentration and meditation practices and is a practice on its own that will allow you to experience the Self-realization and the Ultimate Reality.