Imbalance Leads to More Imbalance!

Imbalance leads to more imbalance! You don’t automatically go towards balance. The mind is drawn to things you are already good at doing and really good at avoiding doing the things you aren’t good at doing. What are your favorite poses in yoga? What are the poses you are good at doing? What part of the practice do you really like? You don’t need to do more of these poses? You need to work on the things you don’t like doing! You need to work on the things that you aren’t good at doing! You need to work on the poses that make you feel vulnerable and take you out of your comfort zone! If you are strong work on your flexibility. If you are always pushing yourself work on surrendering and letting go. If you love to backbend and forward fold work on strength and stability. Go in the opposite direction to find balance. Yoga is about balance. It’s not about extremes. Too much flexibility and no strength is not good. Too much strength and no flexibility is not good either. If you are a yoga teacher — give your students some of what they need. You have to give them some of what they want or they won’t come to class. But can you also find a way to give them what they need too?