Keep the breath slow and controlled.

Krishnamacharya said, “the breath is the Guru and the body is the disciple.” Keep the breath slow and controlled. The yogis would say — if you can control your breath you can control your mind. Think of the breath as leading the movement and wrapping around the movement. If you start the breath and then begin moving and you finish moving and then finish the breath you will never get ahead of yourself. Think of your practice like a dance between movement and stillness. Ujjayi breath is the only pranayama that is safe to practice in any asana. Use the Ujjayi breathing technique to slow your breath down. If the asana and the intensity of the asana helps train the mind to concentrate, the breath can help you to stay calm, surrender, and let go. Breathe into the discomfort you feel in challenging poses and deep stretches. The breath will help you release the tension and let it go.