Matsyendrenath - The Lord of the Fishes.

We honor Matsyendrenath — the Lord of the Fishes and the founder of Hatha Yoga, with the pose Matsyendrasana. This is the original twist. All other twisting poses are said to be a variation of Matsyendrasana.

Matsyendrenath is honored with this pose because the spinal twist is symbolic of the Kundalini energy spiraling up the Sushumna channel and lead us into Samadhi and an experience of the Ultimate Reality.

The Head Balance and Shoulder Stand bring the opposite forces of energy together — and their son the fish is born. We honor Matsyendrenath again with Matsyasana — the Fish Pose.

The Fish Pose is another symbol, representing the awakened Kundalini energy, rising up the Sushumna channel, leading us into the state of Samadhi and the experience of the Ultimate Reality.