Transformation --

Leading the Opening Ritual in one of our Shiva Power classes here at Baja Soul Yoga. I always teach my students to check in at the beginning of class. Before you set off on any journey you have to know where you are starting from. What’s your entry way into this practice? How does your body feel right now? Check in. How are you out of balance? Set up a baseline. How does your body feel? Observe your breath. What’s the state of your mind right now?  If you check in at the beginning of your practice, you can compare this to when you check in at the end of the practice. What’s different? What’s shifted? What’s changed? Are you closer to balance? Is your breath flowing more evenly? Do you feel lighter? Is your mind quieter? Do you feel a deeper connection to your Self? Yoga practice is about personal transformation. It’s not dogmatic. It’s not about someone else telling you how you should feel.