Surrender. Let go. Turn inward.

Surrender. Let go. Turn inward.

Forward folding poses in yoga are cooling, calming, and they help us to surrender and go inward.

But why would you want to take the journey inward to experience the true Nature of your Self?

If you constantly look for peace out in the world — through the senses, the mind will never be satisfied. You will experience endless suffering. The roller coaster will constantly go up and down. Fleeting moments of happiness will be followed by depression.

As we get older the sense organs also become more dull. The experience of the outer world — through the senses, becomes even less appealing.

Turn inward and experience a deeper connection to your Self and experience lasting peace!

When you change your relationship to your Self, you change your relationship to everything. Quiet your mind. When the mind is quiet and at peace you need very little to be happy.

My teacher Dharma Mittra sells a yoga t-shirt that says, ‘Know yoga and know peace. No yoga and no peace.’ I like this shirt a lot.

Why do we practice yoga? To find peace of mind.