The warm up is over!

The warm up is over! Time for the deeper practices. Head Balance is the King. Shoulder Stand is the Queen. The Fish Pose is their son. This Head Balance Pose is one of our viparita karani mudra’s. A Mudra is a position we put the body in to have an effect on the energetic body, the nervous system, and, ultimately, our state of consciousness. The Head Balance is stimulating for the sympathetic nervous system. Cerebral spinal fluid pools in the four chambers in the skull during this pose, stimulating the pituitary gland — the Master Control Center. The Head Balance also has benefits for the heart. Inversions make it easier for blood to flow to the brain and helps blood return to the heart from the lower extremities with the help of gravity. The spine and hips also get an adjustment and the spinal discs get squeezed and can receive additional nutrients. There is no blood supply to the spinal discs after the age of twenty-five. The “tug of war” actions in the arms and the shoulders are essential in this pose — to help protect the neck. If you are steady, close your eyes and concentrate at the middle of the eyebrows. This will help make the pose more effective. Advanced students can add the Lotus Pose, bandha’s, additional breath holding, and visualization techniques. This pose is not recommended for ladies who are on your cycle.