Walk to the center of your wheel.

Walk to the center of your wheel. Do you remember when you were a kid? There were those wheels you could get on at the park and your parents would spin them and you’d fly around and it was so fun and so exciting? You were hanging on out at the edge and everything was moving so fast. Do you remember that you could walk to the center of the wheel and as you moved away from the outer edge everything slowed down — for you. The wheel was still spinning at the same speed. You just shifted your perspective. You changed your relationship to the movement. The kids on the outer edge were still flying around and going really fast. You could even walk to the very center and you could be in stillness and watch the people on the outside moving around you. Yoga is a shift of perspective. You are changing your relationship to the world around you. The ego says, “I want the world to change for me!” Yoga says, “Change yourself, shift your perspective, and change your relationship to the world.” Walk to the center of your wheel.