We hold space as yoga teachers.

We hold space as yoga teachers. We create a space where it’s okay to be vulnerable and to push out of your comfort zone. We offer encouragement and support. We push you hard when you need it and we remind you to back off when you are pushing too hard. We help you stand your ground in the middle of the fire and breathe. We teach you to welcome the discomfort. We teach you to get out of your comfort zone. We don’t make it easier. We don’t distract you. We don’t give you everything you want. We make sure to give you what you need. We are not looking for you to like us. We are not looking for friendship. Our job is to be of service and help you to grow and reach your highest potential. That means you won’t always like us. You won’t always leave the studio feeling good. We teach you to feel your feelings. There’s friction involved in growth. It’s going to be uncomfortable. You’re not a customer in yoga who is always right. You’re a student, following the path of your teacher and your teacher’s teacher. How incredible is it that we have access to all of these wonderful teachings? And how wonderful that there are teachers who have come before us who can show us the way and help lead us out of the darkness. We just have to follow the path. 

Teaching my students in our Shiva Yoga TT to hold space for each other at our opening ceremony; building an alter together to create sacred space, a place of transformation; and honoring our teachers and the debt we owe to them. How do we pay off our debt? By sharing the teachings we are learning with others, helping to hold the space for someone else and helping them on their journey. We are all helping each other along.