What is yoga practice?

We started our Shiva Yoga 200hr Teacher Training this week at Baja Soul Yoga in Cabo San Lucas! We are off to a great start. This is a really nice group of trainees and future teachers. Here’s some highlights from our first day together. Our first class on Wednesday morning was a big hip opening Shiva Power class. It’s hot here in Cabo and this was a hot and sweaty morning. I had fun practicing with this group and taking them into the fire. Lots of fun variations and peak poses. I gave a Dharma talk about yoga practice to begin our class. What is yoga practice? There’s a big difference between practicing yoga and doing yoga as an exercise. You can practice yoga on and off your mat and you can not practice yoga on and off your mat too. If you want to make use of this technology? If you want to practice yoga? — concentrate, let things get uncomfortable, hold your focus, and don’t distract yourself; stay present, look at the mind, look at your distractions, look at your habits, study yourself, what is being revealed; and let go, surrender, whatever comes up for you, let it go. This is yoga practice. Over and over. Every pose. Every moment. Use the technology. Concentrate, stay present, and surrender. Quiet your mind, and in stillness experience a deeper connection to your Self. This is yoga! We are off to a great start, Yogis! Excited to spend this month with you. Namaste.