Who Am I? What's the True Nature of the Self?

Dharma talk before class in our Shiva Yoga 200hr Teacher Training Program — meditation and the technology of concentration, meditation and Samadhi.

Learn to ride your horse to the destination. Yoga answers the question — Who am I? What’s the true nature of the Self? Quiet your mind and in stillness experience the true nature of your Self.

Samadhi is like the horse you will ride to the destination of Self realization. Before you can do Samadhi you have to learn to ride your horse. Practice the other limbs of Ashtanga Yoga and learn how to put on the riding boots, saddle the horse, get in the saddle, and learn how to ride around the stable. Once you have mastered riding your horse you can ride the horse to the destination.

The lower limbs of Ashtanga Yoga will help you find balance, release tension, cleanse and purify, and prepare your mind to concentrate and find single pointed focus. Then you can use concentration, meditation, and Samadhi to quiet your mind and in stillness experience the most subtle part of you that is beyond body, mind, thoughts, and ego. What’s left over in the stillness when you peel off the layers of who you thought you were? You. The part of you that is pure Consciousness and pure Awareness. 

Grateful to my teacher — Srivatsa Ramaswami, for making so much of the yoga philosophy so accessible and easy to understand.

Grateful to be here sharing the teachings of my teachers with such a wonderful group of receptive students. Namaste.