Communication is everything!

Communication is everything! I think you can solve most problems as long as you are willing to stay open and communicate. It’s hard when there’s a challenge between two people. It’s hard when there’s confrontation. Can you stay open and move towards the confrontation with an open heart and an open mind. This is yoga! If you shut down, close off, stop communicating, and run away — you’re not really practicing yoga off your mat. You have to take what you are learning on your mat off the mat. Go into the fire. Breathe into the discomfort. Stay present. And let go. Let it go. Whatever you are attached to — let it go. I know right away if someone in my life is practicing yoga, or if they are just doing yoga exercise. It’s the quality of communication. My strongest relationships are filled with healthy confrontation. Let’s not push something under the rug and deal with it later. Let’s figure it out right now. Let’s talk about it. Let’s communicate with each other. Are you living your yoga off the mat? What’s your relationship to confrontation? Are you practicing healthy communication? When things get challenging do you shut down? Close off? React emotionally?