I love flowing with my students!

I always practice a couple of Sun Salutations with my students every class. I love practicing yoga!

I think it’s helpful to flow a little along with the class, and to demonstrate or mirror some poses for them as well. I am always so inspired when I practice with my teacher — Dharma Mittra, and he demonstrates something, or practices a pose with us. We have to be careful demonstrating too much when we teach, though. Students who are Tamasic often feel defeated when they see the teacher’s demo, and students who are Rajasic often feel competitive and resent having to watch someone else demonstrating the pose.

Hopefully, there’s lots of Sattvic students in your classes who will be inspired and encouraged by your demonstrations and when you practice along with them. Tamas, Rajas, and Sattva are always moving through us. We are on a journey — from Tamas, through Rajas, to Sattva. From darkness we move towards the Light.

How do you feel when the teacher demonstrates something in class? This can often tell you more about yourself than about the teacher and their demonstration. Try to cultivate more Sattva in your life. Find balance. Practice being positive. Stay calm when the mind is getting agitated. Breathe deeply. Practice gratitude and being content.