Most of us spend most of our time living in the lower chakras.

Most of us spend most of our time living in the lower chakras. Energy is constantly flowing down, through us, and out into the world. The first chakra is all about survival, the second chakra is all about pleasure, and the third chakra is all about power. I need to survive, I want to feel good, and I want to be in control. These three chakras are governed by the ego.

The theory behind Hatha Yoga is that in perfect balance — the Kundalini energy will awaken and rise through the Sushumna channel to the sixth chakra. This chakra is the ‘doorway’ in, the master control center, and the home of the inner telescope. If you go inward, and you process all your sub-conscious tension, you eventually reach the layer of the Universal mind. Inspiration and creativity start to flow through you at the fifth chakra. This chakra is about truth, purity, and expression. If you go inward even deeper, you might experience the most subtle aspect of yourself, your inner Light. Love, kindness, and compassion will flow through you at the fourth chakra.

A big shift happens when the Kundalini energy rises up the Sushumna channel, and you reverse the flow of energy and go inward to the deepest layer of your Self. The selfishness of the first three chakras is replaced. When you reach the level of the Universal mind - you realize that you have something special to share with the world. The Universe is able to birth great ideas and inspiration through you. When you go in deep enough and experience your inner Light — you start to ask, ‘how can I be of help and be of service in the world?’

The ego says, “I want the world to change for ME!” Yoga says, “Shift your perspective, and change your relationship to the world.”