Otherwise, you are just warming up to go home!

Deep Shavasana at the end of another hot and sweaty Shiva Power® class. I’ve been averaging 12 minutes in Shavasana to finish these classes and a short Seedless meditation after. It’s incredible to see the transformation in the students. I love watching most of them move into a yoga nidra state in their Shavasana. Shavasana is such an important pose. They are practice teaching a lot these last two weeks in our training and I am giving them all feedback to not shortchange their students and cut Shavasana short. I think — as new teachers, we all do this. We are so attached to getting in all the physically challenging warm-up poses that we sometimes forget about the most important parts of the practice altogether. Shavasana used to be one of those poses I thought was really weird when I first started practicing yoga. I used to wonder what we were doing. Were we supposed to just lie there and do nothing? Why? What was the point? I didn’t understand the pose at all. Now — I do a 45 minute yoga nidra practice almost everyday and I love it! It’s one of my favorite parts of the day.  Make sure you make time for the deeper practices — Head Balance, Shoulder Stand, Backbends, Forward Folds, Twisting Poses, and Shavasana. Otherwise, you are just warming up to go home!